This website was created by Lisa Meyers McClintick, an award-winning travel writer/photographer based in Minnesota, the Land of 10,000 Lakes.

It’s mostly dedicated to travel features throughout Minnesota and the Upper Midwest or within driving distance of the region.

You’ll find features about stellar state and national parks, tucked-away resorts, local foods such as wild rice, quirky attractions, hands-on learning vacations, memorable family destinations, and outdoor playgrounds for every season.

I hope you enjoy what’s here, and I encourage you to chime in with requests for a particular region or topic you’d like to read about. Contact Lisa at lmcclintick at charter-dot-net.

Special thanks to my husband, Bob, who holds down the fort when I’m traveling; my parents, Lyn and Rik, for their welcoming northern Minnesota outpost; and my three-kid review crew. After being hauled on countless road trips, they’re close to pros.

Happy travels!


John Loftus

Main Streets recently visited that are worthy of note (and I know there are many):: Northfield and Faribault. Although it’s not tricked out for tourism like Northfield,, downtown Faribault is really hard to beat in terms of uninterrupted stone architecture. We stayed there high atop the bluff at the Inn at Shattuck St. Mary’s, which was reasonable and memorable. Our room had a limestone wall dating to the 1850’s. The campus is very beautiful.

Rick McClintick

I loved reading your article about items during quarantine. My name is McClintick. There’s not many of us around with that last name. Does your husband have relatives in Peoria, Illinois? Or in Rhode island? I just wonder if we are distant relatives. Keep up the writing.


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