“The Tonight Show” visits Minnesota’s Eelpout Festival

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NBC sent an Aussie to the Eelpout Festival in Walker, Minnesota, last month. At the end–after he jumped into frigid Leech Lake–he gasped “You owe me, Jay Leno.” Indeed. I’m guessing taking that polar plunge in a kangaroo costume soaks up extra icy water. He should have gone for the offer of a rabbit fur loin cloth from Steinarr (“the Crazy Viking,” pictured above).

There is more about Steinarr and his bizarre B&B, the Eelpout Festival, Brainerd’s largest ice-fishing festival in the world, and other Minnesota oddities and wonders on the Minnesota Lake Vacations app or visit Explore Minnesota.

Links to “The Tonight Show” clips:

Part I–Introduction to Eelpout
Part II–best clip is the guys riding kegs behind an ATV