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Lisa Meyers McClintick

Tour Wisconsin’s Jelly Belly Candy for inside look at jelly beans

Sweet look at small, mighty Jelly Bellys Photos & feature by Lisa Meyers McClintickWith Easter coming, jelly beans are on the brain–and so is one of the Midwest’s sweetest factory tours. Pleasant Prairie, Wis., isn’t officially the producer of Jelly Bellys, but this distribution center offers a fun train-like ride that explains the process of …

Lisa Meyers McClintick

Soda or pop? Does it matter?

Whether you’re from Minnesota where we say “pop” or Wisconsin where “soda” rules, you’ll be able to tip back and swig the tastiest drinks at Eagle River, Wisconsin’s, Soda Pop’s. I’m a sucker for quirky places where singular passions reign. It doesn’t hurt that I’ll take soda pop from a glass bottle any day of …